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Should I Really Worry About Mold?

It’s hard to imagine that an innocent looking substance like black mold will eventually cause your house to tumble as though it were pummeled with a wrecking ball. Stachybotrys chartarum (toxic black mold) has been getting its name in the news a lot lately. Some homeowners have gone to the extent of burning their houses down to escape the perpetual bullying by the greenish black fungi. It’s a severe health hazard affecting the respiratory system and can be fatal for otherwise healthy individuals.

The fungus does not only affect people with homes gone underwater from flooding. Hidden roof leaks are notorious for allowing enough moisture into your home to wreak considerable havoc. The keyword here is “hidden.” Water can slowly drip through the roof for years and soak into the structural components of the house without your knowledge.

Black Mold

Are Hidden Roof Leaks Destroying Your Home?

Do you notice anything odd about your roof? Does is appear to be sagging at any point? If your answer is yes, you had better call a roofing contractor a.s.a.p. to forensically inspect your roof before it caves under the load. This is a sign that you have structural damage to the trusses or sheathing that protects the rest of your home.

Where there is high humidity and a warm environment, (think water leak and how warm a roof is) floating mold spores too tiny to see with the naked eye land and take root. It thrives on materials containing cellulose such as paper, wood and drywall. This covers most of the materials that went into the construction of your home. Your walls are not exempt from the effect of a leaky roof - moisture from the top of the house can find its way into the deep interior of your home. Left unattended, the mold attacks the fibers of the wood structures that hold up the house, weakening them with rot.

Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay for Mold Damage

One of the most frustrating scenarios for a homeowner is dealing with an insurance company that refuses to cover the damages caused by roof leaks not evident. Homeowners have been awarded substantial sums of money by juries that agreed it was not fair for an insurance company to refute moisture damage repair costs before it was too late and severe mold problems developed.

Take a good look at your insurance policy. Insurers have been adding a clause that limits or excludes payments for issues caused by black mold. That leaves you to foot the bill when companies specializing in roof repair and black mold removal are complete with their work.

Stop Water Leaks Before It's Too Late

How much does it cost to remove black mold? It varies, depending on where the colonies are flourishing and how long it has been attacking your home. Consider rotted drywall, studs, beams, door and window frames, ceilings, and trusses. Do you have wood floors? When any material in a house has been contacted by the mold spores, it must be destroyed. It may appear to be an inconvenience to have your home checked for hidden water leaks, but the alternative is frightening.

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